History of Emotions

nicholaswyatt.Beatific Vision 2017
Nicholas Wyatt  Beatific Vision (2017). Exhibited Basiica di Sant’Anastasia al Palatino, Rome 31 May-11 June 2017. Collection: CCR, Palazzo Calisto, The Vatican


Nicholas Wyatt/Artist


Dr Nicholas Wyatt is an artist and researcher based at Cubitt Studios & Gallery, London.

This is a history of emotions..

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Nicholas Wyatt The Lonely Protestant  1999

The paintings and text by artist Nicholas Wyatt presented here apply an interpretative method to the visual systems of Western Christian devotional painting and its development in the post reformation period. Paintings are reservoirs of emotion – both in the process of their production and the wider collective cultural meanings that are applied to them. The purpose of the images and texts presented here is to find out what, if any, meanings and experiences may be recuperated by contemporary aesthetics from the histories of emotion embodied in the visual systems of post reformation Christian devotional imagery.

Link: Website:  www.nicholaswyatt.com

Link: Website:    www.nicholaswyattstudio.com

Link: Thesis: The Christian Image and Contemporary British Painting: (the communication of meaning and experience in religious paintings) 2015 Loughborough University Institutional Repository


Link: Published Articles: Capitalism and the Symptom of the Sublime.2010 Revisions  journal., Loughborough University Institutional Repository


Link:Iconoclasm and Enchantment Conference Paper, Subversive Beauty, Loughborough University 2011. Conference Proceedings.




A All Night Long

Nicholas Wyatt. All Night Long 2010

All Night Long crop  . V1 IMG_1211
Nicholas Wyatt. All Night Long 2015
Revolutionary Road IMG_0363
Nicholas Wyatt. Revolutionary Road 2014
The Gospel According to St. Mathew. V1
Nicholas Wyatt. The Gospel According to St. Matthew 2011
studies feb 12 part 1 009 crop
Nicholas Wyatt. Modern Theology 2012
resurrection at eldena penultimate 1
Nicholas Wyatt. Resurrection at Eldena 2009
Room of crosses penultimate stage 001
Nicholas Wyatt. Room of Crosses 2003
resurrection landscape 2003
Nicholas Wyatt. Resurrection Landscape 2003
E futuremap 41 crop
Nicholas Wyatt.  The Fourth Ecstasy of Saint Theresa 2004
Nicholas Wyatt. Resurrection at Eldena (detail) 2009
All Night Long v2 crop IMG_1169
Nicholas Wyatt. All Night Long 2012
R monk
.Nicholas Wyatt. Wanderer Above the Clouds  1998

Palm Springs 2016 20160823_160720
Nicholas Wyatt/Artist.Palm Springs 2016